Ackerview Explained

Ackerview allows you to vary the application rate of fertilizer according to plant condition, specify different areas of blossom thinning intensity or simply tell the tractor driver where he/she should stop to drop wood chips in an orchard. Ackerview requires only an old GPS enabled smartphone or cheap field device to be used. Have a look at how it was first used here.


Daily satellite data, custom drone imagery and your in-field experience and intuition are colleted


Ackerview crunches the data, learns trends and meaning using AI and Machine Learning and tells you what it saw


You decide what needs to be done under which field conditions


Old smartphones or cheap custom hardware relays instructions that differ per location to workers

Ackerview can work for you!

About AckerView

Data is worthless if you can't use it

Ackerview provides a simple, affordable and effective system to farmers of all scales to deploy location specific job instructions to their working teams. We believe that in the new age of artificial intelligence and satellite imagery available daily decades of human experience needs to be stream lined to get the best out of your farm.

  • Humans have farmed for millenia, let's use what we've learnt.

  • Computers can digest the vast amout of data availiable from drones and satellites.


Torsten Babl

Started working on Ackerview’s technology in September 2016. Studies Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Cape Town since 2017.

Matthew Baas

Started studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch in 2017. Works part time at Ackerview since June 2017.

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