The Minimum Viable Product’s maiden voyage

In August 2017 Ackerview’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was used on a stone fruit farm in Paarl to specify to the working team where to deposit wood chips around the bases of the peach trees and where not to. In the past this variability was not possible to achieve as the working team had no access to location based instructions.

Weak patches were logged using the mobile interface the day before. This process took half an hour. The data was uploaded and processed into a map. A job was created from the map and deployed to the field device.

Here the field device is the hand built, water and shock proof first field device. Old Android smart-phones with GPS functionality can be used for the same purpose.

This was the first time the team used the device and were able to follow it’s simple instructions flawlessly and finished the job in above average time.

“Ek kan sien dat die systeem in toekoms kan werk. Die span volg net instruksies nadat die aan-knoppie gedruk is. Ek hoef nou nie heeltyd na die span kyk nie”. “I can see that the system can work in future. The team just follows instructions after the on button is pressed. I don’t need to check up on them as mush now.” says the farm manager who took part in the trial.